What Trainers Won’t Tell You About Getting Ripped Abs

Are Ripped Abs At The Top Of Your Goal?

Ripped abs are like hitting the lottery for most people. The vast majority of people will do everything they can to get abs, but they’re not seeing results. In reality, personal trainers can only do so much to help you get the abs they seemingly have all throughout the year; they need you as a client after all.

If you want to get ripped abs fast, you need to be dedicated and realize that fast only happens if you’re already semi-fit. Otherwise, if you have a lot of weight to lose, this is not a fast process.

Let’s delve into some of the secrets that your personal trainer is not sharing with you.

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The 4 Most Effective Ab Workouts for Men and Women

Follow These Most Effective Ab Workouts For A Ripped Core

A flat, chiseled stomach is what most people base going to the gym on. While everyone would like to tone up their body, most people struggle to get a washboard stomach and a six pack is a mere dream. By incorporating the most effective ab workouts into your routine, you’ll be able to work your core so that beneath the outer layer of fat is a ripped six pack. After some time, you’ll even notice your abs showing more and more until you’ve reached your goal.

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How to Build the Ultimate 30 Minute Home Workout

The Ultimate 30 Minute Home Workout – Fast And Effective!

Who says you have to spend hours at the gym to get the body you want? With high intensity workouts, can sculpt a lean, rock hard body in 30 minutes or less right from the comfort of your own home. But if you want your workout to be effective, you have to plan it right. Here are some tips to help you build the ultimate 30 minute home workout.

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6 Tips for the Best 30 Minute Workout At Home

What’s The Best 30 Minute Workout At Home For You?

Finding the best 30 minute workout at home is not as daunting as it might seem. With the right mix of exercises at the right intensity level, you can achieve amazing results in just a half hour a day. And contrary to what you’ve heard, you don’t have to waste your life away in the gym just to get the body you want. Use these top 6 tips for the best 30 minute workout of your life.

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The Best Workouts That Get You Ripped Without Weights

Are There Workouts That Get You Ripped Without Weights?

Think you need to lift weights to get ripped? Think again. With the right routine, you can achieve the body you want without ever having to pick up a barbell or dumbbell. The key is to perform challenging bodyweight exercises without giving yourself time to rest.

Workouts that get you ripped without weights are tough. Let’s take a look at how this training method works, a sample workout, and how you can take things further without the need for weights in just 25 minutes per workout at home.

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How to Find the Best 30 Minute Workout DVD

What Should You Look For In The Best 30 Minute Workout DVD?

If you want a great workout, but don’t want to hit the gym, workout DVDs are a great alternative. But not all DVDs are created equal. Most are okay, but only a handful really give you the type of workout you’re looking for. If you want the most bang for your buck, 30 minute routines will whip you into shape and leave you in a puddle of sweat.

Finding the best 30 minute workout DVD is tough. Here’s what to look for when weighing the competition.

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3 Hidden Benefits of Interval Training Workout Routines

Interval Training Workout Routines – What Are They?

Interval workouts are intense and quick routines that get your heart pumping and leave you dead on the floor. The concept is simple: alternate rounds of moderate exercise with rounds of intense exercise.

Exercises in each round are performed without rest in between. A great example of a simple interval training workout is to alternate between rounds of jogging for three minutes and sprinting for one minute.

And while many interval workouts focus primarily on cardio, you can also use this same concept when creating your strength training routines.

Interval training is often used in sports training, particularly runners. It’s great for conditioning and gives one heck of a cardiovascular workout. It’s also the focus of many effective workout programs, like Max Workouts. Let’s find out how you can benefit from interval training workout routines.

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Extreme Weight Loss Methods: The Insanity

Are Extreme Weight Loss Methods A Good Idea?

Every New Year comes packed with enthusiasm and people just dying to lose weight. This is the time when every so-called diet guru comes from far and wide to push their weight loss products and programs. Many of these extreme weight loss methods leave a person in one of two states: instant weight loss followed by weight gain or weight loss followed by metabolic damage. In either case, the results will not be worth the effort.

The one thing you need to fully understand is the concept of metabolic damage.

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Strength and Conditioning Workouts: Know the Facts

Strength And Conditioning Workouts For A Lean Strong Body

Strength and conditioning workouts are always in the forefront of a man’s fitness desires. If you enter any gym, you’ll see people lined up near the weight bench trying to push out every last pound they can to show off their strength. Much of this exercise is all about technique, but there are ways to adapt your upper body workout to see massive results.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the gym or a seasoned veteran, knowing the facts about strength and conditioning will allow you to see optimal results – results you never thought you would be able to achieve.

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Can a 30 Minute Ab Workout Give You Rock Hard Abs?

30 Minute Ab Workout For A Strong Core

To get those rock hard abs you’ve always wanted, you need spend at least 3 hours in the gym, right? Wrong! A 30 minute ab workout is all you need to get the results you want. But you need to perform the right exercises in the right order and at the right time. It sounds more complicated than it is. To understand how this works, you first need to understand why your abs are so much different than any other muscle group on your body.

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