Explosive 30 Minute Chest Workout: You Got This?

30 Minute Chest Workout For A Stronger Upper Body

Working your chest muscles is what most people envision when they think of the gym. Dudes laying on weight benches trying to push weight that they can’t handle to build their chest into rock solid muscle. Everyone is under the assumption that you have to spend a full hour working on your chest, but is this the truth? We’ll take you through a kick-butt 30 minute chest workout that will leave your chest sore and pumped. Check out this quick 30 minute chest workout that can be done with free weights or dumbells.

First Things First: You Will Need To Change Your Focus

A 30 min chest workout means you will only be able to do monster sets with high reps. A few of the main points that you’ll want to keep in mind are the following:

  • You must put in 110% effort
  • Breaks in between sets must be timed
  • Muscle Fatigue is a good thing

If you want to workout for just 30 minutes, you can and will achieve amazing results, but your focus must change. Your chest workout will be just a chest workout. You won’t be doing your back on chest days anymore.

Used to slowly progressing? This too must change. Remove the slow progression mentality from your mind immediately.

Your Number Of Sets Will Need To Change

You won’t be doing the normal 3 sets of 10 that you’re used to. Instead, you’ll want to change it up so that you’re doing 4 sets per exercise; the rep count will change with each set. Starting out is the hardest part because you need to know your maximum; the absolute most weight you can handle so you need to know your 1 Rep Max.

How To Determine Your 1 Rep Max

Let’s use the cable fly as an example. This exercise is simple to adjust by using a pin. If you’re doing a dumbbell fly, your maximum will drop greatly. I recommend using free weights whenever possible to work all of the stabilization muscles in the process.

Now, warm-up with a light weight for 10 reps. Shoot for the moon and try to perform a high weight. For instance, if you can normally do 120 pounds, try doing 150 pounds. Oftentimes, the weight will be too hard and you won’t be able to do it. In this case, you want to slowly decrease the weight so that you can do it for one rep and no more.

Once you have determined your max weight, you’ll want to use this as a means to determine your overall weight used when working out.

Your basic sets will be something like this:

Your Set Scheme:

Set 1 15 reps at 50% max
Set 2 12 reps at 60% max
Set 3 8 reps at 70% max
Set 4 8 – 6 reps at 80% max

You can alter your percentages as you see fit. You want to lift heavy and by the end of an exercise, you want to be drained. A 30 minute upper body workout should leave you so tired that you could not imagine doing one more rep. You want to reach as close to failure as you possibly can.

How Much Rest Between Sets? Keep It Minimal

The most that you should rest between sets is just 30 seconds. Many people recommend that you rest for an even shorter amount if you’ll be switching between exercises. The choice is yours obviously, but start with a 30 second rest.

How To Do Monster Sets

Using the outline above, you’ll be doing 4 sets of an exercise. Now, you’ll want to do what is called a monster set. This is a routine taken from the Monster Mass program.

  • After set 4, take your normal 30 second break.
  • Start a 5th set and do this one to failure
  • Immediately, you’ll want to transition into the next exercise without taking a rest

This is where you’ll be breaking down all of your muscle fibers and really see the most gains. Ultimately, you’ll be able to perform about 3 to 4 exercises within your 30 minute time span. This is with the 1 second up, 1 – 2 second down rule seen with most exercises. A 15 rep set would take 30 – 45 seconds to perform with a 30 second rest added at the end.

If you want to maximize your effort, do a 30 minute dumbbell workout so that little to no time is wasted when transitioning from one exercise to the next. Otherwise use the 1 Rep Max method from above.

Sample 30 Minute Chest Workout

Flat Bench Press

Set 1 15 reps
Set 2 12 reps
Set 3 8 reps
Set 4 8 – 6 reps
Set 5 Till Failure

Dumbbell Fly

Set 1 15 reps
Set 2 12 reps
Set 3 8 reps
Set 4 8 – 6 reps
Set 5 Till Failure

Inclined Bench Press

Set 1 15 reps
Set 2 12 reps
Set 3 8 reps
Set 4 8 – 6 reps
Set 5 Till Failure

You can also do inclined dumbbell flys if you have enough time. This will work your upper chest as well as your mid chest. If done properly, you’ll be dead tired and your chest will be super pumped. If you are training with heavy weights be sure to keep it safe and train with a partner or spotter. Always remember to keep good form and put in the time and focus while you are there in the gym whether it’s at home or your local fitness club.

Using focused routines like this will really help shock your muscles and help trigger growth, but don’t do this more than once per week and keep it as part of your overall routine or a part of a 3-day split and you will build lean muscle before you know it.



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