How To Cut Fat With A 30 Minute Full Body Workout

Can A 30 Minute Full Body Workout Can Help You Build Lean Muscle?

Can you really sculpt the body of your dreams in just 30 minutes? Yes – with the right technique and the right exercises. A 30 minute full body workout can get you just as lean and fit as those guys (and gals) who spend hours at the gym.

And if you’re not convinced that a 30 min full body workout is right for you, here are some benefits to consider.

4 Benefits of a Full Body Workout

There are numerous benefits to full body workouts:

  1. Maximize your workout sessions. No matter whether you exercise at the gym or at home, you want to get the most out of each session. Let’s face it – all of us lead busy lives, so the less time we have to spend working out, the better. A full body workout lets you work your entire body in just one session. If you’re pressed for time, this is a great way to make sure that you stay fit without having to commit to a 5 or 6 day program.
  2. Improved strength and conditioning. When you perform full body exercises, like swing squats and burpees, you improve your strength and And full body workouts require fewer reps at higher weight, so you really boost your muscle growth.
  3. Burn more calories. Full body workouts burn more calories overall. When you concentrate on one area of the body, you work fewer muscles and require long rest periods. With a full body workout, your legs can rest while you do chest presses or bicep curls.
  4. Keeps your workout interesting. Full body workouts give you some variety, so you can keep your workouts fresh and interesting.

Full body workouts are the basis of popular fitness movements like CrossFit and many effective workout programs, like Max Workouts.

The benefits of full body workouts are endless, but can you really see results with just a full body, 30 minute weight workout?

How to See Results in Just 30 Minutes

You don’t have to spend more than 30 minutes at the gym to build strength and burn fat. But you can’t just hop on a treadmill and expect to see results in a half hour either. If you want your workouts to be quick, they have to be intense.

30 minute full body workout routine

High intensity workouts are hard, and you need to stay focused. But isn’t that the point? The only way to see results is to challenge your body. And when your workouts are really intense, you don’t need to spend an excessive amount of time at the gym.

Now, there are a few different ways to ramp up the intensity of your workouts:

  • Increase the amount of weight used
  • Increase your speed
  • Reduce your rest periods

If you’re new to high-intensity workouts, then you may want to start off slow. Over time, you can progressively increase your intensity.

Increasing the intensity of your workout will make a huge difference in your results.

Full Body Workout Examples

Unsure of how to piece your 30 minute workout together? We’ve compiled a few full body example workouts based off of the Max Workouts program.

Full Body Workout 1

Complete all three exercises in a row to complete the round. Choose a weight that challenges you. Rest for one minute in between each round, and repeat 5-6 times.

Back Squat 8 to 10 None Men: 75-115
Women: 35-75
Push Press
8 to 10 None Men: 15-35 (per dumbell)
Women: 35-75 (per dumbell)
Jumping Pull-ups
(or pull-ups)
12 to 20 None Body Weight


In this workout, the back squats workout your legs and core, the plank rows work your shoulders, arms, and legs, and the pull-ups work your biceps and back. These three simple workouts will work your whole body in just one quick session. Easy enough, right?

Full Body Workout 2

To complete a round, perform each exercise with a 20 second rest in between each one. Repeat 8-10 rounds. The goal here is to perform each exercise as fast as possible while maintaining good form.

Squat Press Ups
8 to 10 20 sec Men: 15-35
Women: 7.5-20
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
8 to 10 20 sec Men: 45-75 (per dumbell)
Women: 20-45 (per dumbell)


Both of these exercises work your entire body (okay, the sumo deadlift high pull works the entire backside of your body). And because the goal is to perform the exercises as quickly as possible, you’re really increasing the intensity of the workout. As a result, you burn more calories and fat – all while working every muscle in your body.

Full body workouts are tough, but workouts are supposed to be hard. And there’s nothing more satisfying than finishing a full body workout in just 30 minutes. Get in, give it your all and get out. You’ll have so much more time to enjoy the fun things in life without having to compromise your health or fitness level.

How To Take Things Further?

If you’re still not convinced that a 30 minute full body workout can really give you results, why not try it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose, but you may just gain a truly valuable resource – time. Mix-up any combinations of exercise following the format above and hit them 3-5 times per week. If you aren’t quite sure how to do that, or just in a hurry, you can save time by checking out Max Workouts and giving it a go. Everything you need is planned out for you including their free Lean Body Diet.



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