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Welcome to High Intensity Workouts

I want to thank you personally for stopping by to read my blog! Please be sure to leave comments and ratings for any of the products or programs that you have tried that are part of my reviews.

My goal is to bring you the most up-to-date information about fitness products and programs that I have tried with the hopes to give you a better idea of what they are about, how effective I found them to be, and the type of quality you can expect for the price.

I have also created a rating and review system so that you too can make comments on any of the items reviewed here as well. I believe this fair exchange of information is very important to people who are on the hunt for the next best thing. After all, no one is interested in a biased single point-of-view review from anyone looking to make a quick buck!

What makes me knowledgeable about any of the products listed here and just who the heck are you?

Good question! I am not a professional athlete or fitness trainer, but I do have a passion for health and fitness because the benefits gained from being in shape and having a healthy body are extraordinary and I hope to share my experiences with you in the hopes that you too gain some benefit, whether its losing a few pounds to get ready for a special event or for the sake of getting in the best shape of your life.

As for the products reviewed here, my pledge is that no product will be listed here that I don’t have first-hand experience with. I might have either completed the entire program, tried a few workouts, and or consumed the content to a degree that allows me to pass on details to you about the benefits or lack thereof to keep you as informed as possible.

But couldn’t I just rig the reviews?

Absolutely – but quite frankly, there is zero benefit in doing that. There are already enough websites out there doing just that. People, post a review of something they know nothing of simply in hopes that an affiliate commission is banked to their account no matter who the buyer might be.

Enter my interactive review system!

The reviews on this website are my opinion and written from my personal experience. However, I’ve added a User Review feature for each product so that you, or anyone, who has purchased the product through one of my affiliate links or from somewhere else can leave their own rating and post feedback. I am hoping that with your input we can shed some light on things from multiple perspectives.

Am I an Affiliate of the reviewed products?

To be fully transparent and clear about things, there are links on this website that I may receive a commission for should you follow it and make a purchase. You are in no way expected to click my links, but I must tell you that every commission that is made as a result of your purchase is received with the highest degree of gratitude and allows me to maintain this site, test more products, and keep bringing the best information available regarding a product’s effectiveness and overall worth in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Please be sure to join the forums to get free updates, workouts, information on the latest fitness trends and tricks. It’s easy and it’s totally free. This will allow you to post in the forums and interact with other members of the community.

I really hope you enjoy my articles and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for stopping by. I appreciate it.


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