Top 5 Benefits of The Paleo Diet – Eat Clean, Live Healthy

Take Advantage of These Real Paleo Diet Benefits

The benefits of the Paleo diet allow your body to transform from tired, overweight and ultimately unhealthy to energetic, a proper weight and optimal health.

The benefits of eating the Paleo diet is that you will revert back to a natural form of eating. You’ll stop feeling bloated, stop eating processed food and stop feeling sick all the time.

Here are the top 5 health benefits of the Paleo diet.

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1.    No More Bloat

Bloat not only hides your abs, it also makes you feel uncomfortable. Gas, indigestion and cytokine levels increase when a typical diet is followed. The delicious French fries, breads and soda that you drink are the main culprit for bloat.

It is the processed, refined carbohydrates that leads to bloat.

The Paleo diet removes all of these impossible-to-pronounce ingredients from the foods you eat. This eliminates bloat and ensures that the inflammation caused by a spike in cytokine levels is never seen.

2.    No More Hunger

Is the Paleo diet healthy? Many people shy away from this diet because you eliminate some of the tasty foods you are used to, namely foods fried in vegetable oil or mounds of cheese. Misinformation is the main reason people choose a starvation diet over Paleo.

The Paleo diet leaves you feeling full for longer than traditional diets. The high protein count and immense amount of fruits, vegetables and fats in the diet leave you with the pleasant, non-bloated feeling you are supposed to have after eating.

Not being hungry means that you will not binge eat and have an easier time following the diet.

Another very important factor is that you can eat when you want. There is no strict 3-meals-a-day rule. You can eat once, twice, three times, or more if you see fit.

3.    More Muscle, Less Fat

One of the main side effects of the Paleo diet is that you will lose fat and gain muscle. I know, this is something you definitely didn’t want to hear. Due to the high levels of protein, your body will start building more muscle, especially if you exercise properly.

Protein takes a lot more energy to breakdown in your digestive system than fats or carbs. This means that your body will burn more calories naturally. As more muscle is seen, your body will also burn off excess fat in the process. This will leave you with a more fit, healthy body and more overall muscle mass.

This is where weight loss is seen. You will notice a substantial difference in muscle gain and fat loss while on the diet.

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4.    More Energy

If you are like me, you drink a lot of coffee to make sure that you get through the day. One of the main benefits of the Paleo diet is that you will be left with more energy. This is a result of:

  • Eating unprocessed foods. Processed foods are not only packed with sodium and high calorie counts, they also take a lot of energy to breakdown. If you like to eat processed foods, this may be why you feel tired faster.
  • Less fat. Many people view fat people as being lazy. This is not true, but carrying excess weight can make you tired faster. As a result of fat loss and muscle gain, your energy levels will be boosted greatly.
  • Better Digestion: Food allergies and digestion issues will leave your body feeling tired and drained. A person that follows the Paleo way of eating will have better overall digestion as well as a boost in energy.

5.    Better Overall Health

A proper diet, even when trying to lose weight, must ensure optimal health. When you have bad health, it is often a result of a poor diet that simply does not provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs for great health all year long.

[alert heading=”The paleo diet ensures the following:” type=”alert-success” block=”false” close=”false”][/alert]

[icon type=”thumbs-up” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]Better vitamin and mineral absorption
[icon type=”thumbs-up” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]Fewer food allergies
[icon type=”thumbs-up” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]Reduced inflammation
[icon type=”thumbs-up” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]Proper vitamin and mineral intake without supplements
[icon type=”thumbs-up” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]A proper balance of fats to ensure healthy cells
[icon type=”thumbs-up” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]Improved brain function due to omega 3 fatty acid consumption
[icon type=”thumbs-up” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]Reduced risk of diseases caused by processed, unnatural foods

Aside from the diet change, you will also be expected to make a lifestyle change. More time out in the sun and a proper sleeping routine is encouraged to help increase your health even further as a result.

When asked “is a Paleo diet good for you?”

The answer is absolutely.

There is a lot of Paleo diet information we simply cannot cover in one article alone, but one thing’s for sure – this diet has helped a lot of people change their life for the better.

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