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Here we are. It’s a new year without losing weight, building muscle or even eating better. I have struggled to lose weight so many times that I got so fed up with the hype of exercise program reviews and trying all of the “best home exercise programs” on the market only to walk away just as heavy as before, or worse, completely defeated.

The truth is, losing weight, building muscle and getting healthy while achieving the body of your dreams is not magic or voodoo or a pill that eliminates fat overnight. I learned this after spending hundreds to thousands of dollars looking for a shortcut to reach my goals. Do you want to know the secret to successful weight lifting workout programs? Science!

After trying product after product, I decided to cut through all of the hype and provide you with the best home fitness program reviews that will knock your socks off. I cover everything from the top exercise programs to supplements that help you achieve results faster.

Let me tell you how to achieve the results you deserve.

Building Muscle With The Best Home Fitness Program

Building muscle is what most people want to do – right? When you see a fit person on the beach or walking down the street, you can tell that they didn’t achieve their figure overnight. A fit body is one that has been developed over time. The secret really relies in three main factors: Diet, routine and dedication. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, diet can help you see gains much faster. Don’t worry, there is more on this shortly.

I dig deep to find the best home fitness program on the market for your needs. Some programs are great for the busy mom that can’t afford new equipment, others are great for bulking up and others are general workouts meant to build muscle more effectively using HIIT.

The best fitness programs will always be subjective and results are largely dependent on what you put into the program your self.

However, if you want to build muscle, and get lean, your program must contain:

[icon type=”check” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]  Precise muscle building routines

[icon type=”check” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]  Science-based methods

[icon type=”check” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]  Provide short, concise workouts

[icon type=”check” size=”default” float=”none” color=”default”]  An easy to use nutrition plan

You do not need to exercise 7 days a week for 2 hours a day to build muscle. You can achieve your dream body by working out 45 minutes for 4 days a week if you are taught the optimal workouts to do.

Maintaining a Proper Diet

What is the one thing that the gym “meatheads” fail to tell you? Diet is everything. That is right. You can work your butt off in the gym, but if you don’t eat the right foods and maintain a proper diet, you will not lose weight, build muscles or see results.

The fitness program reviews that we provide explain if a product comes with a diet plan that works. You need to change your eating habits to see results. There are foods that can help your muscles grow faster and boost your metabolism. Many of the programs we review come with recipes that are easy to follow, taste great and are able to be made without breaking the bank in the process.

Choosing Routines You Can Do Anywhere

This may be a personal preference, but when conducting my fitness program ratings, I realized that all of the best programs are able to be done at the gym or at home. Why does this matter? The truth is you don’t need to stay at the gym all day and night. In fact, many people are working more than one job or they have kids and simply can’t make it to the gym.

I have chosen programs that require either little equipment that you can fit in your closet, or programs that only use your bodyweight.

When you have the freedom to workout at home, there are no excuses. You can spare 30 – 45 minutes a few times a week instead of watching television or sitting on the phone. We all can spare a little bit of time to get healthy and do something positive for our body.

I also choose programs that offer one of two possibilities: Images or videos to demonstrate exercises. When you can exercise at home, it makes seeing results even more fulfilling. The best part is that you don’t need a gym or expensive memberships.

Tidying Up Loose Ends – Revealing Your Abs

Want to know the one thing about being fit that is impossible to avoid? Loose ends. By this, I mean your problem areas. We all have them – both men and women. The most common area will be your abs because even a slight amount of fat can hide your abs.

I have included various online fitness review choices that cover your problem areas.

The one program I have found great success with deals with getting a six pack the right way. Other programs aim for toning, while others are meant to break through plateaus and gain muscle like never before.

Trust me, if there was an easy way to be fit, I would be the first person sitting on the couch watching television. Instead, I have tried everything under the sun to get fit and only a select few products really work. These are the products that I am sharing with you.

Where To Start?

Start here by checking out one of my latest review. You will find comprehensive information about the program and be able to determine if its the best one for you. Each review is linked together so that you have alternate ones to read through. You can also just check the sidebar from any page of this website to see the highest rated fitness product reviews, but to get started, just click here.



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