My Complete Body Beast Workout Review – Updated 2017

Body Beast – The perfect guide to bodybuilding at home?

Body Beast is what you can consider to be the solution for all those who have been looking for ways via which they would be able to attain the perfect body at home and do not like the idea of heading to the gym for the same. This bodybuilding home workout program focuses on building up the muscle mass while at the same time ensuring that there is no increase in body fat. The program is designed to ensure that the accumulated fat is removed from the body, and you get your desired physique.

Bodybuilding is something which many men tend to be enthusiastic about but are unaware of the proper path to follow. This program is one option that they have to step closer to the body that they have always dreamt about. While the program was launched in 2012, it is in the recent times that it has witnessed an increase in popularity, which is why we are going ahead with this in depth review for those who are looking to find out more about the product.

We are going to discuss the various aspects associated with the program along with the benefits that it offers while shedding some light on the points that do not work in its favor. At the end of this review, it will become easier for you to decide if this is the program that you want to follow to build your muscles. The program has a lot to offer, more of which we will discuss shortly.

What is Body Beast all about?

This is a workout program made by Sagi Kalev which gives a lot of importance to weight lifting. This means that it is more focused on the traditional means of bodybuilding such as drop sets, super sets, giant sets and so on. If you want to get lean and attain a hard physique, this is something that you ought to read.

While this is a home-based program, you would need to get your hands on some equipment to work on it. Let us take a look at the things that you would need to have for this program.

As we have discussed before, this program focuses on weightlifting which is why it is to be expected that it would involve dumbbells. A bench or an exercise ball would also be required. You will also need to arrange for a pull-up bar. If it is not feasible for you to get a real one, you can opt for a pull-up assist band as well.

How does it work?

Before we talk about the things that you will need to do, we feel it prudent to mention that the program could lead to some soreness. Therefore, this is something that you would need to be prepared for if you are contemplating going ahead with this program. Be sure to follow the warm-up and cool-down instructions provided for each workout routine.

There is no reason to challenge yourself while following this program. You have the luxury of deciding your own pace and opting for the weights that you think is right for you. If the weight feels too much for you, you have the option to reduce it.

The program also involves a Build and Bulk phase and spans a duration of around 90 days with different phases being covered. It focuses on three blocks, each lasting for a month. The first block is Build, with Bulk and Beast following suit.

Often people are worried about the time that the workout would take and thus, we are going to shed some light on the durations of different routines in each stage.

The Build phase consists of four major routines. The Build Legs routine involves a period of 38 minutes and the same goes for the shoulders. Build Chest and Triceps takes around 48 minutes, while the back and biceps are done in 50 minutes.

After a month, you will have to switch to the Bulk phase, which comprises of five major routines. Bulk Legs would take 41 minutes, while the arms and chest would take 35 and 30 minutes respectively. Bulk Back involves a duration of 29 minutes, while the shoulders take 35 minutes.

Some other workouts form part of the program as well. The abs take around 10 minutes, cardio covers a duration of 38 minutes, and the entire body has a timing of 38 minutes.

Who will benefit from this home workout program?

Every program caters to a particular section of the audience. While this is a workout plan that can be used by beginners as well as those who have been trying to build their body for some time, some people would significantly benefit from what it has to offer.

If you have been struggling to acquire a lean and hard physique but success has not yet come your way, this is the program that you need to take a look at.

If you have made use of any other fitness program and have managed to shed all the excess weight and are now seeking to increase your muscle mass, you will find this program to be ideal for you.

This workout program will also work for you if you want to gain weight and muscle.

If ripping is your goal, you would not be disappointed with the Body beast as it has a lean program included.

What Comes With The Body Beast Workout?

body beast diet plan

There are different routines that you will need to do. These include force sets, circuit sets, single and super sets, giant sets, drop sets and tempo sets.

The program makes use of training splits, which refer to the number of workouts that you will divide your body into. For instance, a 1-day split implies that you will undergo training for the whole of your body in one session, while the 2-day split means that you will separate your body into two halves and work out for each half on two different days.

The workouts come in the form of 5-day splits. It has divided the workout into a week with the body being divided into chest, legs, arms, back and shoulders.

It uses the Dynamic set training which is found to be superior when compared to the regular single sets. It comprises of two different set schemes. In the first one, you have to start out with 15 reps, increase the weight and move to 12 reps, following which you have to increase the weight again and do eight reps twice. Then, reduce the weight and perform 12 reps and reduce it again to perform 15 reps.

The second scheme is similar with the difference being that it has only the first four sets which are 15, 12, 8 and eight reps.

Keep in mind that you are required to do all the sets in a row with no resting time in between.

The exercises that the program puts together are impressive. It requires you to perform routines such as deadlift, squat, and dumbbell press and following them up with assistance exercise.

It also gives you a nutrition plan that you are required to follow. The diet revolves around figuring out your BMR and increasing your caloric intake by around 500. This is impressive when it is bulking that you are aiming for.

The program requires you to lay off the surplus caloric intake for the last month to commence with focusing on shedding the excess fats. The diet plan is quite basic and would not be difficult for you to follow. You will get some ready-made meal plans that are supposed to be added to your personal caloric intake amount. The benefit is that it gives you a clear picture of what you should eat, which is something that most people aiming for bodybuilding tend to be confused about.

The pros

There are quite a few factors that work in the favor of this program.

For one thing, it offers impressive nutritional advice. This ensures that you do not have to be confused with regards to what you need to eat and what you should refrain from.

It is not easy to follow instructions of workouts from manuals. When you are alone, you can easily be distracted since it takes some time for your will to start working out to set in. However, DVDs ensure that your time is not wasted and provide you with detailed instructions regarding your workouts and keep you entertained.

Usually, bodybuilding programs tend to be expensive. That is not the case with this program as it is quite affordable, so you would not have to refrain yourself from using it due to financial constraints.

The reps and sets take some time getting used to, but once you do get accustomed to them, they become a part of your habit.

The cons

While one would like to make use of an ideal program that would be devoid of any cons, that is hardly possible, and the case with this program is not so different. While there is no denying that it is quite efficient and has a lot to offer, there are still some areas where it needs improvement.

The program comprises of training methods that are a bit complicated for a beginner, so someone who is contemplating building his muscle mass for the first time and has no prior experience would need some time to understand the methods that are employed in this program.

While all the routines and regimens have been elaborated to great detail, there is not much information which is provided with regards to the lifting intensity. Hence, there are chances that it will take some time for you to figure out just how much intensity would be the right one for you.

The program lacks a section on injury prevention. While people who are used to bodybuilding will not have an issue with this, this is something that might be a cause of concern for beginners.

However, most of the issues that people might have with the product are with regards to the limited knowledge that they might have about bodybuilding. If one endeavors to ensure that he is well aware of the techniques and requirements of bodybuilding and is willing to give the program some time to get used to it, there is no reason that these cons would affect his bodybuilding regimen in any way.

The benefits that it offers

It provides you results within a short span and thus, those who have a deadline to meet to acquire their desired physique would find this to be the ideal solution.

The program works well for those who are used to the process of bodybuilding. It is comprised of techniques that are tried and tested, so you do not have to worry about them incurring any harm on your health.

These days, workouts and bodybuilding tend to focus on steroid usage quite a bit, which puts your health in jeopardy. This is not a problem that you will have to face with this program. It does not involve anything that can be harmful to your health.

You have the luxury of deciding your own pace and the weights that you are comfortable with. You will not have to leave the confinements of your home and will be able to perform the routines as per your convenience with ease.

The program is affordable, and the equipment that it requires would not place you in any financial burden either. Thus, you can use it with peace without having to worry about the financial aspect of things.

Does it work?

At the end of the day, this is what it comes down to. Does the program work? Can you place your faith in Body Beast to get you the physique that you are looking for? The answer lies in you. Are you willing to put in the work and effort that the program demands? It has laid out the path for you, but do you have it in you to reach your destination? Your efforts will decide where you end up.

If you follow the instructions that are laid out in the program, there is no reason that you will not get your desired results. Following it is the key and if you do so, yes, it does work.

Why should you opt for program?

body beast calendar

While you are trying to build muscles, things tend to get overwhelming at times if you do not have a proper direction. Your workouts tend to be all scattered, which is why you fail to get results. This program gives you a proper pathway with an appropriate set of instructions, which you can follow to achieve your aim. You will find that your body reacts to these instructions in a positive manner.

Can women use Body Beast?

Many women are looking to attain the perfect figure and are worried that this program would bulk them a bit too much. If this is something that you are concerned about, you can put your fears to rest. What many do not know is the fact that it is quite difficult to bulk up a woman. It is certainly possible, but a lot of hard work needs to be done for it.

Thus, overdoing it is not something that would be easy. Many women have tried this program and are rather pleased with the results that they have attained, so this should not be an issue for you.

body beast workout blocks

A tip for beginners

Despite the minor problems that beginners might face, this is actually a great workout regime for them. It lays a foundation and ensures that they are provided with knowledge regarding the techniques involved in bodybuilding. You will get to know how you can attain the perfect body despite having limited equipment at your disposal.

All that you would need to do is give yourself some time and follow all the instructions, perform the routines, and do not be swayed. Within a short span, you will get a transformation that you will be proud of.

How Much Does It Cost?

Budget and finance tend to be major factors when it comes to the purchase of such programs. Most of the people are not willing to acquire programs that would put a strain on their pocket. This is not something that you would have to be worried about if this is the program that you opt for.

It will cost you around $50 and that includes the cost of shipping. If you compare it with the other bodybuilding programs that are available in the market, you will find this to be quite appealing.

However, the place from where you purchase the product needs to be given importance. You need to ensure that you are not being lured into a trap. The best way to make sure that you are getting the authentic thing and your money does not go to waste is to get the program from the official website. It offers you three kits: ultimate, deluxe and base. You can opt for the one that you are comfortable with.

Testimonials from people who have completed the workout

It is always a good idea to find out more about the kind of experiences that people have had with the product. You can acquire this information by going through the testimonials submitted for the program on the official website.

This will remove any doubts that you might have had in your mind and will enable you to make up your mind regarding its usage.

Final words

We have covered everything that there is to know about Body Beast in this review. Now it is up to you to decide if this is the program that will take you closer to your destination and will get you the body that you are looking for.

There are some things that you will have to keep in mind. For one thing, this is not a magic formula. It will only work if you follow the instructions through and do not take cheat breaks in between. Any swaying would only delay the results, and you will not have anyone but yourself to blame.

You need to understand that bodybuilding has a lot to do with determination. If you are not determined enough, nothing would be able to help you and all the regimens and programs will fall flat. Therefore, the first step is ensuring that this is indeed what you want and you are willing to work for it. Only then will this program be able to provide you with results.

There is no denying that this program is effective. If you follow it religiously, you will not be disappointed. It has everything covered and will get you results. Therefore, give it a shot if you are willing to work for the body that you had always wanted.

It is easy to follow and does not place your health in danger. Furthermore, it is quite economical, thereby ensuring that you do not have to worry about money. It offers you a lot of feasibility and convenience in your workouts and ensures that you do not have to push yourself too hard.

Pushing one too hard tends to weaken the resolve, which is not an issue that you will have to face with this program. Hence, give it a try and you will not be disappointed. It will ensure that you get the lean and hard body that you had always dreamt of.

It does not take long to show results. Three months is all that it would take for the results to appear and you will be pleased with the overall effect that it has. Thanks for taking the time to read through my Body Beast review and be sure to check out the Beach Body website for more detail about this awesome home workout series.

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