Core De Force Review – Can You Handle MMA Workouts?

Core de Force: A Comprehensive Review

The journey to losing weight often entails the scouring of the right program that works best for you. If you’re like most people, it is likely that you have already tried out countless of diets, workout routines, and supplements. Every single time you find something new, you get disappointed after learning how ineffective it is and does not provide you with long-term, solid results.

It is important for you to remember that the key to uncovering the right regimen for you is to pick the routine that you’ll be able to count on. Also, it has to be based on a proven and tested approach.

With that, we’re going to review a program that’s newly developed by experienced and skilled trainers. This system, known as Core de Force, is said to be reliable and scientifically based. The best fitness instructors and professionals in the industry have been promoting such. Let’s try and see if it is worth a try. Below are all the things that there is to know about the body workout. Keep on reading.

Core de Force – At a Glance

Well-known fitness professionals, Jericho and Joel, developed this new 30-day body workout, Core de Force. The aim of this zero-equipment program would be to challenge and help you in developing the body you’ve always been hoping for.

The majority of Core de Force has been derived from mixed martial arts, among the highest octane sporting events there is. The program will enable you to enjoy losing weight and learning numerous key moves that are sure to tighten your arms, legs, and core muscles.

Developed and Recommended by “Super” Trainers

Core De Force Creators Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews

Beach Body’s Creators Joel and Jericho Show-off Their Skills

When choosing a system, it’s a given that you should only opt for one that’s developed by experts who understand every aspect of what they’re doing.

You might have already heard of the names Jericho McMatthews and Joel Freeman as they have maintained a good reputation in the health and fitness industry. They have come up with Core de Force with the aim of making their workout regimen beneficial to the public. Their mission is to provide a targeted approach to losing weight effectively and easily.

The programs of Jericho and Joel entail elements that are from kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, cardio spikes, and the like. Such systems are designed to help shed excess weight and, most importantly, body fat. With these methods, the idea of developing a powerful and strong body is no longer a dream that is impossible to achieve.

Core de Force: How Does It Work?

The most important aspect that needs to be factored in when choosing a program is whether it works best for you or not. What we love about Core de Force is the fact that it is a combination of numerous methods and techniques from proven and tested fitness programs. Below are its main elements.

Three Minute Rounds

As you might already know, the system is composed of several workouts. Each one under the system is called a three-minute round. For instance, a round of boxing, another for martial arts, and another for kickboxing. This is ideal as it ensures the body does not get used to one workout system. You can also alternate between rounds, therefore keeping the excitement alive. The result to the three minute rounds is prominent toning and weight loss.

360° Core Workout

The implementation of the different workouts is intended to give you a total core program. There are different methods and moves for each workout system and they will target all the parts of the body. Take for example the use of one of the many core exercises; there will be an improvement to a user’s midsection in just 2 to 3 weeks. As for kickboxing, it will tone flabby upper arms.

For All Levels of Fitness

The program features several different stages to ensure you get challenged and continue to improve. Basically, you will start from the beginner stage and work your way through the advanced versions of the workouts. As you improve on how you execute each workout routine, you’ll also develop a much leaner body.

Core de Force: What are its components?

Now that we are done discussing on how Core de Force works, it’s time to consider the program’s many components. There are programs that will only provide you with guidebooks. There are also those that will give you an eating plan or a calendar system. Listed below are the elements of Core de Force, which will help make your weight loss journey more manageable.

(4) MMA-style Workouts

With the program, you will get access to four MMA-style workouts. They are designed to deliver comprehensive results as the workout system is comprehensive as well.

(2) Bodyweight Workouts

The second component is composed of two body weight workouts. What they do is provide you the necessary weight training you need in toning your body. We love how supported, strong, and muscular our bodies will be after this part of the system. All that’s needed is to properly implement the routines.

(2) Core Workouts

After the body weight workouts, next are the core workouts meant to strengthen your core muscles. These workouts are intended to produce firm, washboard abs, which you’ve always wanted.

(1) Activity Recovery Workout

Even when you’re in the recovery process, it is still possible to add a routine that will speed up the process. What’s more, it will boost your metabolism. Fortunately, Core de Force comes with an active recovery routine that will help in meeting your needs.

Before Bed Routine

This routine is intended to keep your metabolism high even when you sleep. This means the fat-burning process of your body is not interrupted. With Core de Force’s Before Bed Routine, you’ll feel more alert by the time you wake up in the morning.

Quick Start Guide

This guide will teach you how best to get started on your weight loss journey. Core de Force’s Quick Start Guide contains tips on getting the results you are after the quickest way possible. It will also ensure that you are guided so you are on track with your fitness program.

30-Day Eating Plan and Calendar

The last components are Core de Force’s 30-Day Eating Plan and Calendar. Both are supporting materials which will enable you to get the right regimen for working out. What’s more, you’ll find it easier to add healthy foods to your diet just by following the provided eating plan.

Why should I give Core de Force a try?

Core de Force is perfect for those who want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Tighten abs and Improve core strength
  • Gain toned, lean muscles
  • Try out high-intensity workouts
  • Feel super challenged with a workout routine
  • Workout in an hour and instantly see results
  • Use no equipment in working out

How long will the entire program take to finish?

Core de Force is a 30-day program, but you can continue using the program even after completing it. What is recommended by health and fitness experts is to complete two rounds. On the second round, go harder as this will result to a much stronger and toned body. We have tried the strength workouts, but we modified them as they are quite intense than we can handle. By the time we got to the second round, that’s no longer the case as we definitely got a lot stronger.

As for the duration of the workouts, you’ll find that they average to  about 30 minutes.

You will be working out six times a week. On the seventh day, it’ll be your active recovery day.

What are my choices with Core de Force?

Core De Force Deluxe Package

Core De Force Deluxe Package

You can either get the Core de Force Challenge Pack or the Basic Kit. Both of them includes ten high-intensity workouts, containers, a meal plan, and the 30-day calendar.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the workouts.

MMA-Style Workouts

  1. Speed – Lasts for 27 minutes; 6 rounds of cardio
  2. Shred – Lasts for 37 minutes; 9 rounds of cardio
  3. Power – 47 minutes of high-intensity cardio; a total of 12 rounds
  4. Plyo – 47 minutes of jumping cardio; 12 rounds
  5. Power Sculpt – a complete body strength workout which will use your body weight in shredding out lean muscle; lasts for 37 minutes
  6. Dynamic Strength – this particular workout got us sore for days. It lasts about 47 minutes and will use your body weight in boosting your endurance
  7. Active Recovery Recharge – An easy and more laid-back workout routine; focuses on technique and form to significantly reduce muscle soreness; lasts about 21 minutes
  8. Relief – 5-minute stretch workout to extend the body’s cooling down process, definitely helps when you are feeling stiff
  9. Core Kinetics – We find this one as the “no-joke” ab workout as it activates your entire  core; lasts for 15 minutes.
  10. Core on the Floor – this five-minute long ab workout is a killer as it won’t let you rest for the whole duration of the program
  11. MMA Mash-Up –  a bonus workout which combines the best strength and cardio workouts; 25 minutes


For the Core de Force Deluxe Kit, everything we have mentioned above are included plus three intensive workouts:

  1. Agility Strength – the workout includes rapid footwork in order to improve your coordination and agility; 37 minutes long
  2. Agility Power Grab – this agility ladder is targeted to challenge your agility and coordination; provides you with the maximum calorie burn; 27 minutes long
  3. MMA Kick Butt – one of the best lower body workouts available today; 37 minutes long

All Access Pass: Beachbody on Demand

Another option for you to start using Core de Force is to stream the workouts. Yes, you heard that right. It is actually possible to stream every single Beachbody workout there is – for an entire year! This is all thanks to All Access Pass. A 12-month membership will allow you to access brand new workouts, which means you get to always try something new! What we love about this is that it does not have hidden fees and there are no extra charges.

What’s more, an All Access Pass will allow you to claim your own official workout calendar and full meal plan of Core de Force. Every calendar, meal plan, and workout there is will now be at your disposal. If you are not a fan of using DVDs, then we recommend you to scream the workouts instead.

Core de Force: 3 Types of Workouts

  1. Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing combinations
  2. Body weight training that tones and sculpts
  3. Explosive cardio intervals for a maximum burn of calories

Core de Force: Advantages

Core de Force maximizes the time you are working out by throwing moves that will make your entire body work. The key aspects of Core de Force which users love are the rotational movements

Core De Force MMA workouts

MMA Style Workouts Burn Calories Like Wildfire

that are intended to target the midsection and core of the body. This may cause fatigue early on, but you will notice how your endurance builds up as you work your way through the system.

A positive aspect of this workout is it never requires the use of any equipment aside from your body. Of course, the Deluxe Kit will entail you to use such. You can opt for the basic one as it allows you to take the program anywhere you go. There are only a couple of workouts out there that won’t require you to bring weights or bands with you like Core de Force.

Another advantage of using Core de Force is the modifier that will let you move along a workout after finishing a hard round.

  1. Minimal cost and time commitment
  2. No equipment
  3. Modifier workouts
  4. Great coaching
  5. Help in burning fat fast with midsection and core workouts
  6. Each workout can be considered as a total body workout

Core de Force: Disadvantages

While you are sweating like crazy, losing weight, and toning your body, anyone that is looking to bulk up won’t be able to appreciate the program. The only resistance that you will be using throughout the entire system is your own body weight. There may be struggle as you perform the workouts in the beginning, especially if you have no background on MMA. Fortunately, there is a way to go around it and that is by taking your time in performing each projected movement.

Core de Force: How much is it?

  1. Base Kit – only $59.85
  2. Deluxe Kit – only $119.70
  3. Challenge Pack – $160
  4. Performance Pack – $160
  5. MMA Mash-up – only $19.95
  6. Deluxe DVDs – only $29.85
  7. Deluxe Upgrade Kit – only $59.85

Core de Force: What makes it unique?

Core de Force workouts are made up of authentic MMA-inspired movements. There are also 3-minute intervals for each training which allow you to work at your own pace, spike your heart rate, and learn the combinations. You do all these in every single round!

Can I download a Core de Force calendar?

Yes, the calendars and eating plans of Core de Force can be downloaded. As for the calendars, there are three types you can choose from: the hybrid, deluxe, and the standard. All three workout calendars have a length of 30 days.  If you are a beginner, we suggest that you choose the standard calendar. The hybrid and deluxe versions are for those who are starting on their second round of the program.

core de force wall calendar

The Wall Calendars Make Planning Easy


Core de Force: What should I expect from the system?

The entire program of Core de Force revolves on results. Even so, you will still be able to have fun while you are shredding your entire body and blasting your core. You will be using fight-style combinations, as well as highly effective  exercises that will condition your entire body to feel invincible!

Core de Force: Benefits


Not only is Core De Force an effective way to trim down unwanted fat, but it is also fun since it uses different fighting styles. It also lets you utilize your entire body in its highly efficient body conditioning exercises, which will make you feel alive and ready for anything.


Since this workout allows participants to work at their own pace, Core De Force is a beginner friendly workout. In each workout provided, you are allowed to modify the level of intensity you want for the time being. This will ensure you tackle every workout at your own liking.


Since Core De Force is mainly a 30-day MMA-style interval workout, results are definitely guaranteed. It is a core-blasting, fat-burning, whole-body sculpting fitness program that will help you tone everything in your body. It will help you get stronger inside and out. It will also increase your endurance, agility, speed, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness.


It helps any participant feel more confident and empowered since it gives a somewhat badass attitude that is adaptable. It can help out with your social interactions since it makes you feel bolder especially when results start to show.


Core De Force will help enhance your kinesthetic awareness which basically means understanding how much space your body takes up. With Core De Force, you will be able to see improvements in your coordination, agility, and reaction time since your brain adjusts to the new movements. It is basically brain training to improve your mobility and coordination in the long run.


Since core de force is an MMA-inspired training, all you have to know are the different types of combinations which are taught by the lovely instructors. There is no need for you to buy huge, bulky equipment in order to participate in this workout. You will still get the results you want just by following each of their steps.


Since Core De Force is basically core training, you will be able to improve your other workouts like cycling, running, and even barre workouts since your core is where the majority of your power comes from. It helps with your coordination, balance, and weight shifting during other strenuous cardio workouts.


Since MMA is known to boost your mental focus, Core De Force is also known to help you become calmer and centered. Martial arts skills are practiced with mindfulness, so they are excellent in sharpening your attention. This workout can help you focus when working and improve your productivity and overall work performance.


Aside from its actual purpose, Core De Force does not only keep you fitter and stronger, but it also boosts your happiness levels. The workouts make you release endorphins to your brain which keeps you happy and lets you maintain a positive outlook in life. It helps you de-stress and improves your sense of well-being which is the most important of them all.


We give Joel and Jericho lots of praises for the fact that they acted like normal human beings by encouraging users to train hard, without resorting to blatant gimmicks. It would have been easy for the trainers to just throw a bunch of corndogs to the program. Instead, they made sure to deliver quality workouts for quality results. Likewise, the entire cast did not show off their ridiculously expensive dental work like how it is in other workout videos. What they did instead is they got busy, and we definitely appreciate that.

There may not be many jokes that are thrown throughout the workouts and coaching sessions, but smiles were always present. Les Mills Combat, a direct competitor of Core de Force, has the tendency to feel like the workout should not be taken seriously. With the program, it is also hard to incorporate the martial arts theme. This is coming from a person who had training a couple of years back.

As for Core de Force, it is definitely for me and anyone who has a fighter’s mentality. The traditional P90X routines are not present, therefore you can constantly twist, punch, and kick your way to a toner and slimmer body. What’s more, the program actually works and there is no question to its effectiveness. This, by far, is the most important aspect that has to be considered when choosing a home workout.

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