Easy Paleo Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Who says the Paleo diet has to be boring? There are so many quick, easy and delicious Paleo recipes out there that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Thanks to creative Paleo chefs, you can still enjoy foods like chicken fajitas wrapped in plantain tortillas, Paleo-friendly pizza or shrimp scampi. Here are some easy Paleo recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What Are Some Quick And Easy Paleo Breakfast Ideas?

Breakfast can be a challenge if you’re new to the Paleo lifestyle. Most people are accustomed to eating cereal, muffins, bagels or pancakes for breakfast – all of which are grain-based foods. The good news is that there are plenty of delicious and quick Paleo breakfast recipes out there. To make things as easy as possible, stick to the usual suspects:


Sausage is a classic breakfast food. Pair it with some eggs and bacon, or with a generous serving of vegetables.

Tip: Avoid buying sausage that’s filled with sugar and preservatives. High quality sausage may cost a little more, but it’s worth the price. Trying to stay extra lean – think turkey sausage here.


Eggs are another classic staple in any Paleo dieter’s refrigerator. The great thing about eggs is that you can pair them with just about anything. Make a delicious omelet with fresh vegetables or leftover meat. Throw in some herbs and spices, and you’ve got yourself a delicious breakfast. It’s so easy and quick to make. Here are some ideas:

  • Classic: Onions and ham.
  • Thai-inspired: Fish sauce and coconut milk.
  • Italian-inspired: Tomatoes and basil.
  • California-style: Bacon and avocado.
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Spinach and vegetable frittata. Peppers and onions would pair perfectly with the spinach in this recipe.
  • Baked omelet roll with any Paleo-friendly filling, like ham and vegetables.


Because bacon is a processed meat, it should be eaten in moderation. While you probably shouldn’t eat an entire plate of bacon for breakfast (although that would technically count as a Paleo breakfast), you can add it into your favorite dishes for some added flavor and to bring your morning meal to the next level.

Sweet Potato Home Fries

Home fries are one breakfast food that Paleo dieters miss. While regular potatoes are off the menu, sweet potatoes are not. They’re every bit as delicious as regular home fries, and easy to make. Here are some ideas:

  • Make hash browns. Pan fry in coconut oil and serve eggs on top.
  • Whip up sweet potato hash with cubed sweet potatoes, onions, peppers and eggs.
  • Substitute sweet potatoes and a Paleo-friendly oil in your favorite home fries recipe.

Remember, breakfast doesn’t always have to include “breakfast foods.” You can eat leftover dinner or any Paleo-friendly meal. Just make sure that you have an adequate amount of protein and fat to keep you full and satisfied.

What Are Some Easy Paleo Lunch Recipes?

Most people eat their lunch on the go, so it’s important to find quick and easy Paleo diet recipes for your mid-day meal. Keep it as simple as possible, and remember to include adequate amounts of fat and protein into your meals.

Try these Paleo lunch ideas:

  • Bento lunch. Bento lunch boxes have several small compartments that you can fill with a variety of foods, such as:
    • Deli meat (turkey or chicken) or leftover meat from dinner
    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Raw vegetables, like carrot sticks or cucumber
    • Salad
    • Fruit – like apples and almond butter
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Mini frittatas
  • Paleo “spaghetti” with zucchini squash noodles and meat sauce.
  • Portobello burger with bacon and tomato.
  • Zucchini boats stuffed with meat and vegetables.
  • Portobello or eggplant “pizza.”
  • Salads with meat or fish and plenty of fresh vegetables. Go beyond the usual any try adding arugula, sprouts, peppers or even zucchini to your salad.

Bento box lunches are ideal for anyone who’s on the go and for kids. If you eat lunch at home, hot meals, such as Paleo “spaghetti,” may be more practical and satisfying.

Are There Any Quick Paleo Recipes for Dinner?

If you follow the Standard American Diet, you’ll find that your usual weeknight meals really aren’t far off from a standard Paleo meal. Take away those grain-based sides and potatoes, and you have the perfect primal meal.

If you’re cooking for one, try:

  • Roast chicken – A simple but satisfying meal. Roast a chicken and pair it with your favorite vegetables. Use the leftover meat in soups, salads and other meals. For a simple but delicious roast chicken, season with salt and pepper; stuff the cavity with lemon slices, thyme and onion; and massage softened butter all over the skin before roasting. Halfway through cooking, toss your vegetables in the juices and roast.
  • Baked fish – Fish is a great way to get the protein and Omega fatty acids you need. While salmon is a favorite in the Paleo community, any fish will do. Fish pairs well with lemon, garlic and green vegetables, such as asparagus.
  • Chicken or beef skewers.
  • Pepper steak with mushrooms.
  • Vegetable stir-fry with beef, chicken or pork.
  • Slow-cooked pork roast.
  • Stuffed peppers with beef, tomato sauce and vegetables.

With so many creative and delicious recipes out there, transitioning to the Paleo diet couldn’t be easier. From snacks to desserts and everything in between, you’ll find recipes and cookbooks that suit every taste.

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