Interval Training Workouts to Maximize Your Results

Interval Training Workouts To Blast Away Your Fat

Interval training workouts are fun, work multiple muscles at once and ultimately leave your heart pounding. These workouts incorporate speed to push out every last bit of energy that you have. Circuit exercises are just one of the many ways to perform these speed workouts. If you want to maximize your results, you’ll need to start training harder and more efficiently than ever before.

Let’s examine two ideas that you can add to your weekly workout plan.

Circuit Training Basics

You know how you like to leisurely go through the gym doing exercises with long breaks between sets? Even worse, do you take long pauses between exercises because you’re waiting for others to get off of a machine? Are you wasting time talking to other gym goers in between sets? This is all negatively effecting your workout leading to time lost.

Your heart rate needs to be as high as possible at all times. This is how you burn massive amounts of calories.

All of this can be negated. If you want to burn more calories than ever before and really start seeing immense results, start doing some circuit training. This will ensure that your body is pushed to the max while saving you time doing your routine.

How can you begin transforming your routine?

  • Set up your workout stations.
  • Go to the gym early when fewer people are present, or workout at home.
  • Aim to time your rests between sets. Ideally, you’ll get to 15 second or less rests.
  • Map out your routine prior to going to the gym.

It’s really that simple and easy to change your routine.

Circuit Training Workouts for Men

You can choose to follow any circuit training or HIIT workout you see fit. However, I am going to supply you with a great chest workout that will show you the basics of what we mean when we say HIIT or circuit training. Keep in mind that this is geared towards men, but women can also perform this workout and see massive results too.

Chest Workout Example

We’ll be talking mostly about doing 5 sets of 5 with this routine. This is to build strength, but you can alter the sets and reps to your own preference. Furthermore, you’ll want to use a heavy weight that will be very hard to lift. Start with your 70 or 75 percent max and adjust the weight so that it’s a struggle to complete your set.

A routine for your chest may look something like this:

  • Dumbbell bench press
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Incline flies
  • Push-ups
  • Decline dumbbell press

The best part is that you won’t be moving much from your bench. Simply grab the appropriate weight and try to go “balls to the wall”. You may need to take short breaks with this one since its very intense, but try to move from one exercise to the next with no rest between when switching. If possible, complete a full circuit before taking any break at all.

This will not be an easy concept for most people, but it is an extreme workout. You can start with 3 or 4 exercises at first and progress as you see fit.

Want more workouts that you can follow? Check out my T25 program review for fast, efficient workouts.

Circuit Training for Women

I am a big supporter of woman hitting the weights, but this is not for everyone. If you’re the type of person who would rather run on the treadmill, you can still engage in circuit training and see phenomenal results.

Let’s take a look at a treadmill routine that will leave you gasping for air.

Treadmill Example Workout

  • Warm up with a 10 min walk or jog. The ideal speed will be 3 MPH.
  • Increase the speed to 5 MPH with a low incline for a minute.
  • Lower the incline and speed to 4 MPH for one minute.
  • Increase the incline and try to run at 6 MPH for 30 – 60 seconds.
  • Lower the incline and speed to 3.5 MPH and keep it there for 3 or 4 minutes.
  • Increase the incline to a moderate to difficult level, and put the speed to 5 MPH for 1 minute.
  • Increase the speed to 6 MPH and run for 1 minute.
  • Lower the speed to 4 MPH and zero out the incline for 2 minutes.
  • Lower the speed to 3 MPH for 5 – 10 minutes.

That would conclude your workout. The speeds may need to be adjusted to match your fitness level. Always ensure you have the safety release attached to you so that if you’re going to fall off, the machine stops.

If this workout doesn’t push you to your limit, you’re definitely at a peak fitness level. Interval training workouts can be done every time you go the gym or exercise with great results. One of my favorite programs is Focus T25 since it can be done anywhere with Dumbells or even no equipment at all – be sure to check out my review by clicking here.

Otherwise drop me a note if you are looking for more interval training ideas to add to your current routine, of if the sound of 25 minute workouts at home, interests you, be sure to follow the link below to visit the official Focus T25 Website.

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