My Max Workouts Review reveals how to get ripped in 30 minutes

Max Workouts Review: A No-Nonsense Look into Shin Ohtake’s Max Workouts Program

Max Workouts by Shin Ohtake is a no-nonsense approach to losing weight. If you have tried diet pills and “miracle” methods of losing weight only to be left in utter disappointment, you will find that Shin Otake has all the answers.

The one question everyone seems to have is does Max Workouts work? The short answer is YES.

Max Workouts takes an athletic approach to building lean strong muscles and burning fat, and is a great for the beginner and expert alike.  However, you are not going to drop 20 pounds this week or 6 waist sizes this month.

Instead, this is a complete program that goes into great detail about:

  1. Your Diet and bad eating habits
  2. The main reason why you’re not losing weight
  3. The exercises you need to perform to blast the fat away
  4. How EPOC (Post exercise oxygen consumption) can boost your weight loss greatly

One thing is evident from all Max Workouts reviews – you can see results. If you are ready to burn calories, work hard and achieve the body of your dreams, all the information you need to reach your goal is right at your fingertips. Let’s see how you can become one of the many Max Workouts success stories and build your own lean and fit future.

My Total Max Workout Review

Max Workouts by Shin Ohtake is a comprehensive guide to gaining the fit, lean body you’ve been dreaming of. Not only will you learn which exercises to perform, but Ohtake also talks about the science behind his program and how to use his 90-day system.

In the introduction alone, you’ll learn:

Why fitness is dependent on the intensity of your workout – not how much time you put in.

What the “after burn” effect is and how it can kick your weight loss efforts into overdrive.

Why you don’t need to perform a dozen different exercises just to achieve the results you want.

With the Max Workouts system, high intensity workouts and the “after burn” effect are what drives results. These are not just concepts based on wishful thinking, but actual scientific research.

Quality, Intensity and Power

Throughout the book, Ohtake focuses on three essential concepts: Quality, Intensity and Power. What does that mean?

Quality – According to Ohtake, quality is not dependent on time. Even Olympic level athletes can’t perform one hour of quality work. Instead of focusing on the time you spend working out, Max Workouts concentrates on focusing your efforts on effective, intense workouts that allow you to give it your all without burning out.

Intensity – Shorter, more intense workouts are what drive results. In the e-book, the author discusses Dr. Tabata’s study on excess post exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC for short. The study compared the results of short duration HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and moderate but long cardio. One group of athletes performed high intensity interval training for just four minutes every day for six weeks. The other group performed one hour of steady, moderate cardio every day for six weeks. The results were incredible. The group that performed high intensity workouts just four minutes per day saw huge improvements, while the other group saw only moderate improvements.

Power – Power is what drives any fitness sport. Strength, speed and endurance are the keys to maximizing your power and improving your fitness level.

After explaining the concept of the Max Workouts system, Ohtake then gets into the “meat” of the program by offering advice on how to work out properly, nutrition, stretching and recovery and how to get those six pack abs you’ve been longing for.

The Max Workouts 90 Day Program

There are five workout levels in the Max Workouts program with dynamic warm-ups to help you get started. Ohtake explains how to perform the exercises and even dedicates an entire section to interval cardio training. You’ll learn how to ramp up your cardio sessions to actually produce results, and how to incorporate the 90 day workouts into your daily routine.

Ohtake goes one step further providing detailed exercise descriptions complete with videos. The videos are like having Ohtake right in your living room showing you exactly how to perform each exercise he recommends. Not only will proper form help you get the most out of each exercise, but it will also minimize the risk of injury.

max workouts reviews

Even after your 90 day cycle is complete, Ohtake doesn’t leave you hanging. He invites you to join the Max Workouts club where you’ll gain access to:

New workout cycles

A comprehensive video library

Nutrition facts lookup

An active discussion forum filled with dedicated Max Workout enthusiasts

A personal fitness diary

The Lean Body Diet

Along with the Max Workouts e-book, you’ll also receive the Lean Diet book. This bonus guide will give you all the information you could ever want or need on nutrition and how it affects your fitness level. Inside of the book, you’ll learn:

Not all calories are equal – How sugar makes you fat, why fiber makes thin and which anti-nutrients are destroying your body.

How to determine your daily caloric needs – How much protein you really need and why you shouldn’t be afraid of fat.

The 90-day Lean Body Diet plan – Your fat burning roadmap for long term health.

The guide also includes a list of health food choices that help you make smart decisions on your weight loss journey. Ohtake also discusses which supplements can help you reach your goals, how to plan your meals to avoid temptation and what to do after the 90-day program is complete.

Does Max Workouts Have a Guarantee?

We’ve seen and read about countless Max Workout success stories. People of all ages – from 22 to 65 – are finally getting the ripped physique they’ve been dreaming about using this system. Shin Ohtake is so confident that you’ll see results with his system that he offers a no-questions-asked, 90-day money back guarantee. If Max Workouts doesn’t work for you, you will receive a full refund on your purchase.

With a guarantee like that, you have nothing to lose but the weight. What are you waiting for? Buy Max Workouts today and start your 90-day journey to a leaner, fitter you.



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  1. Avatar for Janelle Mercer

    I can’t figure out the book–the schedule asks you to perform exercises that aren’t described in the book. Very confusing. They want you to pay the monthly on-line fee so they can describe the exercises needed which is unethical…

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    • Avatar for Liam Patrick

      Hi there Janelle,

      The monthly fee is an upgrade to the program that provides their customers access to videos and weekly workouts (it is totally optional). The exercises are actually described in great detail in the book and are definitely more than enough instruction. Shin Ohtake demonstrates each exercise in the series through photos and written step-by-step instructions, so no worries about needing to sign-up for a monthly fee at all 🙂

      At any rate, if you are looking for something with videos and the like, Shaun T’s Focus T25 is an excellent alternative.

      Check it out in my review here:

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