Mike Chang Monster Mass Review – Can These Workouts Transform You?

My Monster Mass Review

You may have heard about the Monster Mass workout program, but have probably passed it off as simply another program meant to make you spend money. While I have to admit, there are many programs on the market that aim to literally steal your money with false promises, Mike Chang is definitely not one to put out a product he doesn’t truly believe in.

I was skeptical of Mike Chang’s Monster Mass workout at first, but the results that I saw were definitely unexpected.

Let’s take a deeper look into this product with our Mike Chang Monster Mass review and find out if and why this product is worth buying today. Don’t worry, you will find out the answer in just a few seconds.

Does Mike Chang’s Monster Mass Work?

The simple, straightforward answer is yes; this product works extremely well, but there is a catch. You have probably seen people walking on the beach with ripped abs and their muscles glistening in the sun and thought “steroids” or “he/she lives in the gym.” The truth is that there are people that are really lucky and naturally built, but most people have to work extremely hard to get the body of their dreams.

If you want to achieve amazing results in 15 minutes or 30 minutes per week and have a habit of skimping out on your workouts or eating fast food every day, this product will not work for you.

Monster Mass workouts are meant to optimize your workouts and produce amazing results, but these workouts will not do it alone. If you have motivation and you are willing to really put your heart into each and every workout, you will see results.

The best part is that you don’t need to live to workout. Instead, you simply need to put in the hard work and effort for 30 – 45 minutes, 4 times a week. If you can dedicate yourself for 3 – 4 hours a week, keep on reading to see why Monster Mass training works like no other program on the market.

What You Can Expect from Monster Mass

Monster Mass has a few strict guidelines that everyone must follow exactly to see maximum results. Will you see results if you only listen to 1/2 of the information provided? Maybe, but as stated earlier, you must be dedicated and be ready to really work your butt off to see results.

The Routine is Simple

The key factor behind this workout system is that you are following Mike Chang’s workouts to the T. You will receive videos (more on this later) with exercises meant to provide optimal muscle building using two sets back to back.

Routine Time Guidelines

Everyone that has tried to work out before and stayed in the gym longer than an hour knows that after a certain time, your exercises start to suffer. Your form will suffer, your weight output will suffer and ultimately you will not see maximum results.

These workouts are meant to be completed within 30 – 45 minutes, 4 days a week. That is it! No more, no less.

There is, however, 30 minutes of videos you will need to watch per week to know what exercises to do, what order to do your exercises in and exactly how to perform your exercises.

No Gym Necessary

You will need certain pieces of equipment, but it is NOT necessary to go to the gym to follow these workouts. In fact, you can stay home and save time by buying a few necessary pieces of equipment, including:

  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • An exercise ball

These are the 3 necessary pieces of equipment needed. If you want to do the advanced workout variations, you will need:

  • An adjustable bench
  • Pull-up bar
  • Curling bar

Weight plates will also be needed for the dumbbells and curling bar to maximize your results.

No one wants to buy extra equipment and you don’t have to if you go to a gym, but there is one amazing result from working out at home – there are no excuses!

Diet Requirements

While Michael Chang’s Monster Mass optimizes your gains, you need to follow a proper diet. This will be discussed shortly, but don’t worry, a diet plan is includedwith Monster Mass.

Monster Mass Results

The results that you see can be amazing – just look at the Monster Mass reviews and testimonials on the product page – but the results depend on you. Every person’s body is different, so no one can promise you will gain 10 pounds of muscle, but you will see results. Mike Chang actually provides a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

What’s Included?

You can learn to reprogram your muscles with Mike Chang and do so for $197 just $97. You will not just receive all of the workouts needed to gain muscle – you will receive so much more. Your Muscle Mass purchase comes with:

Monster Mass Workout System

The complete Muscle Mass system that includes:

  • 8 workouts designed to build muscle fast
  • Instructional videos of all 8 workouts
  • Instant access to all videos

Videos can also be downloaded so you can burn them to a DVD or watch them on any device of your choosing.

Monster Mass Diet

I said you needed to change your diet, but who would have thought you would receive:

  • Eating strategies to gain muscle
  • Recipe guide with step-by-step instructions
  • Specific foods Mike Chang eats to bulk up

These are no-nonsense meals that are easy to cook and will have you shredded in no time.

15 Universal Laws of Muscle Building

Fifteen rules that you can follow to build muscle. This includes:

  • Maximizing gains outside of the gym and your diet
  • Leveraging your current habits
  • 15 exercises and rules for nutrition
  • Weekly advanced workout videos
  • 1-on-1 personal training via email

14 Day Advanced Fitness Coaching Trial

There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you want to bulk up and have rippling muscles. Monster Mass has everything you need to get started on your path to success today. With instant access, you can start working out within 10 minutes and start seeing the results for yourself. Are you up to the challenge? All it takes is dedication, motivation and 4 intense, 30 – 45 minute workouts per week.

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