The Definitive Old School New Body Review – 2019

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The Complete Old School New Body Review

The Old School New Body workout program claims to help you regain your youth. I’ve read claims stating that you could get 10 years back on your life or look 10 years younger. My Old School New Body Review answers the question:

“Does This Program Deliver On These Claims?”

Can you really shape your body and reclaim your youth in only 90 minutes per week? My review reveals everything you need to know about the program before taking the plunge and making a purchase of your own.

Brace yourself, though because, this is a long and thorough review.

In fact, I recommend you grab your favorite beverage before reading too far into this because I cover everything in detail. Including the main course and all bonus items currently bundled on the product sales page.

No time to read the whole review? Check-out Old School New Body’s home page. It’s a capable program that will get you into shape with no fuss.

What Is Covered In This Review?

As I mentioned, I cover every detail of the program in this article and attempt to leave no stone unturned in order to help you make the best decision. My Old School New Body review is outlined as an FAQ of sorts and the topics covered are as follows:

  • What is Old School New Body?
  • Who is Steve and Becky Holman?
  • How does old school new body work?
  • What equipment is needed?
  • Who is the program for?
  • What is the f4x training system?
  • What are the benefits of the program?
  • What are the cons of the program?
  • What is included in the program?
  • Does Old School New Body Make You Look Younger?
  • Where can you buy old school new body
  • What’s the bottom line?

What Is Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is a home workout program designed by Steve and Becky Holman to help people of all ages get into shape safely and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The core principles behind the program are based on the F4X weight lifting protocol known as the “F4x Method“.

The claim to fame behind this method is said to not only boost your body’s fat-burning capability; but it is also easy on the joints because of the moderate weights used during the workouts. This method of working is contrary to what you typically see in a gym:

People are either pounding weights that are just too heavy or pumping a high volume of light ones. The people using these standard methods are prone to injury and often don’t make lasting positive effects to their body and health according to the authors of the program.

The program isn’t one that lasts for some scheduled period of time. Instead it has a series of F4X workouts that can be followed in any sequence to help you achieve your ideal physique. This is true whether its your goal to tone-up, build lean muscle, or strike a balance somewhere in between. The program is designed to be a lifestyle change for the better. There is a lot of information to go through, but I will cover everything in this Old School New Body review. I mean everything.

Who Are Steve And Becky Holman?

steve and becky holman

Steve and Becky Holman (Right). Creators of the Old School New Body Program

Before we get into the details of the program and the workout phases, its important to know just exactly who the authors behind the program are. Steve and Becky Holman both write for IRON MAN Magazine. Becky is a regular contributor to Nutrition topics of the magazine and Steve is the Editor In Chief. Steve has interviewed many legends including Arnold Schwarzenegger and is the author of over 20 muscle building books and publications.

It’s also worth nothing Old School New Body was written with John Rowley as well. John is the Wellness Director for the International  Sports Science Association and a contributor to Fox News and the Wall Street Journal among other things.

For me, I like to see industry known names behind a product and it goes a long way to me as a good indicator of the quality of information a program is based upon.

Who Is This Program For?

Old School New Body is suitable for men and women of any age group. The moderate weights and lifting techniques outlined in the F4X protocol make the exercises easy on the joints and muscles for less soreness, while building lean, toned muscles.

The workouts (F4X Lean, Shape, and Build) are outlined in a manner that addresses the desire to either burn fat, tone-up, or build lean muscle. You can stick to one depending on your goals or follow all the way from F4X Lean (to lose fat), F4X Shape (to tone-up), and F4X Build (to pack on muscle).

Now let’s get into the details about the F4x workout method.

What Is The f4x Training System?

The F4X training system (method) is short for what Steve Holman calls the Focus-4 Exercise protocol. The system calls for moderate weights that are lifted at a tempo that keeps tension on your muscles long enough to boost metabolism and ignite the muscle building process through hypertrophy.

I can hear all the meatheads out there saying: “Yeah, all weight lifting does that“. “Lift till you puke!”

old school new body review

Heavy Weights Aren’t Always Needed To Build Lean Strong Muscle

Yes, this is a correct statement, however, the moderate weights, the tempo, and exercises used when following the F4x method in Old School New Body are done in a manner that reduces the likelihood of joint damage and other weight lifting related injuries.

The outcome is more consistent muscle gains and fat loss over the long term. Also, as you will see below, this method of exercising calls for very little equipment in the traditional sense. I explain how the F4X Method works a bit later on.

What Equipment Is Needed For The F4X Workouts?

The Old School New Body  program is designed to be done at home using a minimal amount of space and equipment. All you need is a set of dumbbells and you are good to go. Having a range of weights to use would benefit you in the long run. However, a set of adjustable dumbbells is perfect.

Free weights also work in this instance, but again, they aren’t necessary nor are machines. This is because, the F4X protocol calls for moderate weights which is easily accommodated with dumbbells. If you don’t have the space or equipment of your own any gym should suffice.

What I like about this is that if you need to take your workout on the road, most hotels will have the equipment you need. In my opinion, skip the gym membership and invest in a good set of adjustable dumbbells. This will save you money and time no matter which workout program you are following.

How Does Old School New Body Work?

I mentioned earlier that there are a series of workout phases and a method used during the F4X workouts and through the Old School New Body Program. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly the program contains and how it works when followed fro beginning to end. I plan to go through all of the details in my Old School New Body review so let’s take a deep dive into the program.

The main course book is highly comprehensive and a fun read, but its not fluff-filled junk. Early on you are introduced a bit more to the authors and how the F4X protocol works. You will then determine what your goals are and pick a phase to start with. You can follow each phase all the way through if you are just starting out, or you can pick-up in second, or third phases if you are already at an intermediate or advanced level of fitness.

I’ve outlined the full table of contents from the main course. The book is 101 pages long and covers everything you need to promote weight loss, build a lean strong  body and improve overall health.  I read through the entire course and found the majority of information highly useful and well thought out.

While this video is not an Old School New Body Review, the creator at has put this motivational video to prove that you can get fit at any age. There is not a program on his site but there is a lot of great information to read through so comeback to that link later. I am 100% certain though that following the Old School New body program will help you reach your goals. Just commit to it and see it through whatever the cost.

Check it out real quick or jump right in to my review below this video. I’ve listed the entire table of contents from the Old School New Body program to give you an idea of how complete the program is.


What’s Inside Old School New Body:

  1. Chapter 1: F4X System: Turning Fat Into Muscle
  2. Chapter 2: F4X Lean Workout (20 Minute Belly Fat Blowtorch)
  3. Chapter 3: Joint Rejuvenation: Pain Free Sanity
  4. Chapter 4: Get Motivated: Promise, Commitment, Change
  5. Chapter 5: F4X Automatic Cardio and the Forgotten Key to Leanness
  6. Chapter 6: Transformation Sensation: Breaking out of the Chub Club
  7. Chapter 7: The F4X Shape Workout: Lard-to-hard Blast-off
  8. Chapter 8: The F4X All Dumbbell Workout – Instant At-Home, New Body Solution
  9. Chapter 9: Lean-Machine Diet Facts and Fallacies
  10. Chapter 10: Eat More, Lose Fat, Build Muscle
  11. Chapter 11: The Truth About Alcohol: Not Too Bad After All
  12. Chapter 12: Three Key Fat-to-Muscle Supplements
  13. Chapter 13: Old School New Body Q&A
  14. Chapter 14: Advanced Training: The Full-Range BUILD Workout

 The F4X Method Explained

I’ve tossed this phrase around quite a bit in this article and it’s important to describe in detail exactly how Old School New Body uses it in the workouts. I will tell you that this approach is not ground breaking. In fact, the authors go into a bit of story telling in the opening parts of the course and describe it more as something lost.

I won’t bog you down the secret story about this „rediscovery“ of sorts, but instead, let’s look at how it works. Let say you are following the Old School New Body workout, or one of your own, and you are beginning your exercises. You would perform each exercise by following the F4X Protocol as recommended below.

How Does The F4X Protocol Work?

Start with a weight that you can lift about 15 times. However, lift only 10 repetitions for each set. Rest periods will be limited and short with only 30 to F4X Protocol40 seconds of rest between each set. Your last set, is a bit different as you lift as many times as you can without rest.

Also, the tempo for each lift should be one second to lift the weights and 3 seconds to lower them.

The short 30 second rest periods and medium lifting tempo trigger a stimulation of muscle fibers to optimize fat loss and growth hormone release.

You will find a lot of programs pushing the limits of what most people can lift safely.

The moderate weight called out in this method not only stimulates muscle growth and fat loss, but also reduces the likelihood of long term injury.

What this translates to is more consistent progress toward your fitness goals without fear of injury.

What Are The Old School New Body Workout Phases?

As mentioned earlier, the Old School New Body workout program consists of 3 workouts, or phases, that can be used individually or linked together in one longer continuous program. The nice thing about these phases, and the program itself; is that they are expandable.

Let me explain. Each workout is meant to be done 3 times per week and lasts about 30 minutes. This is done to maximize time and results. However, if you want to follow one phase, like the F4X Lean for example, the author provides guidelines to extend the length of the phase or composition of the workouts themselves.

In fact, its entirely possible to use only one phase as a program itself to see the results you desire. I suppose this begs the question: “why have 3 different phases if you could just use one or the other“?

The answer to that, and the beauty of  the program is that if you follow the guidelines, it‘s endlessly customizable. This allows people of all different fitness levels and goals achieve their results in a manner that’s most suited for each individual.

Let’s take quick look at the basic purpose of each of the Old School New Body Workouts:

F4X Lean Workout (Novice)

This is also known as the “20 minute Fat Blow Torch“. This workout is designed for the beginner in mind and is geared toward maximizing fat loss. This one is pretty basic and to the point. The purpose behind this is to create focus and really narrow in on the goal of burning fat. The basic workout is scheduled for 3 days per week and consists of just 4 highly effective full-body fat burning exercises per session.

F4X Shape Workout (Intermediate)

The F4X shape workout picks-up where F4X Lean leaves off. The workouts are still scheduled just three times per week, however, the goal of this workout is to improve your fitness levels and body composition even more. This part of the program is designed to work your muscles hard and promote growth for a leaner, more muscular (toned) physique. The full-body workouts in the Lean phase are left behind for more targeted exercises to really develop your body. The main goal of this phase is a total body transformation.

F4X Build Workout (Advanced)

Most people will benefit well enough from following either the F4X Lean or Shape workouts. However, for people who are more advanced in weight lifting, or just want to take things further after completing Lean and or Shape, can follow the Build program.

This program was designed by Steve Holman and college researchers when he started lifting weights early on and led to significant changes in his body composition. In fact, its hard to argue that he looks even better in his 50’s than when he was much younger. This part of the Old School New Body program focuses on what he calls: Positions of Flexation. This method works each muscle through it’s full range of motion with just two or three exercises.

This translates into more complete development and muscle fiber stimulation for fat loss and muscle growth. Positions of Flexation trains your muscles from three distinct angles, or positions, and it works for a handful of reasons:

  • Synergy: Working more muscles in unison with compound, multi-joint exercises.
  • Fiber Recruitment: Targeting muscles in overextended (stretched) positions. Placing the target muscle in a slightly over-stretched positions sends a signal to your brain to recruit as many fibers as possible. This helps you use more of your muscle to complete each exercise which ultimately helps with the growth process.
  • Peak Contraction: The exercises puts the target muscle in a position to contract against the resistance of the weights. This is done through the entire range of motion and basically blocks blood flow (for a lack of better terms). Once your exercise is complete this forces a surge of blood into the muscles for a serious skin-stretching pump.
  • Range of Motion: By training your muscles in three positions, mid-range (synergy), stretch, and contracted, you work them through the full range of motion. Get this: no stretching sessions are necessary and you get better overall strength gains along with building muscle, improving flexibility, and going easy on the joints.

A couple of things to point out about the Build phase of the program.

  1. The F4X method is still used, meaning moderate weights.
  2. The workouts are increased to about 4 times per week and they include more exercise and last longer per session.

What About The Old School New Body Diet?

The program has 2 Chapters devoted directly to diet and the principles behind healthy eating. The nutrition system doesn’t focus on “low-carb“ solutions like other programs. The reason behind this is that the F4X workouts will deplete the glycogen in your muscle stores and carbs just happen to be the essential energy source to replace them.

It’s worth noting though, that you can forget processed carbs like chips, crackers, and pizza while following the nutrition guidelines in Old School New body. The focus is on eating in a manner that stabilizes proper insulin levels for maximal fat loss.

One quote from the book sticks out:

“Researchers determined that there are ways we can turn off the Grim Reaper gene…The first step is to avoid large meals and simple carbs, both of which produce excess insulin.”


old school new body diet

Stay Away From Processed Foods To Get The Best Results

What this means in a nutshell, is that you will be eating more frequent meals that do not have simple processed carbs. Get ready for meat and veggies. Simply put, the Old School New Body diet will stop you from eating processed junk foods that are preventing you from building a lean body.

There are sample meal plans and ample advice to make sure you stay on track. The diet information is totally useful and practical. But if you are in need of dropping a lot of body weight in excess fat (really fast), it may be optimal to adopt a Paleo friendly diet for a couple of months. You can check out more here by reading my Paleo for beginner article.

What’s Included In Old School New Body?

The program is highly comprehensive and is packed full of helpful material. The program is available as an instant download and is broken into a series of books that give you everything you need to get fit, lose weight, or take your current state of fitness to a higher level:

Old School New Body Program

Old School New Body Is A Complete Package And Fitness Lifestyle Change

  • Old School New Body Main Course: This is the heart of the program and where you will find 101 pages of workouts, details about the F4X training method, nutritional guidelines, which supplements to use, and even tips for building a super affordable home gym of your own.
  • Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets: A short 11 page guide that reveals exactly what you need to do in order to prime your body for maximum fat burning capability.
  • Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets: Simple steps to a more energetic, healthy, and happy life. This guide provides you with practical practices and foods that promote happiness. Being happy is key to helping you experience real progress in health and life.
  • Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets: Gain lean muscle and do it faster than ever. This guide is a great compliment to the main course. It goes into more details about how to prime your muscles for maximum growth.
  • Ultimate Sex & Anti-Aging Secrets: This book was written to help you achieve a more youthful appearance and a happier, sexier, disposition, with sensible tips and strategies. It focuses also on foods and supplements that can help improve sex drive and add years to your life.

Who can argue with that?

That’s a ton of material, bundled together for just $20.00. I’ve reviewed and used dozens of programs personally that cost 5 times this much yet, provide far less information. The supplemental books are a nice addition to the main course and help round out an already very complete package.

It’s not all roses and flowers though, and while I really enjoy this program and the benefits, I wanted to be sure to let you know what is hot and not so great about it as well.

What Are The Benefits Of The Old School New Body Program?

  1. Low cost point: The $20.00 price point is well below the average of what you will find on the market. Expect to pay upwards of $67.00 to $100.00 for other comparable products like Beach Body’s “Body Beast“, Mike Chang’s “Six Pack Shortcuts“, or Mark Perry’s “Built Lean“. All fine programs, but why chunk out the 80 extra bucks?
  2. Minimal Equipment Requirements: The low cost point is complimented by the lack of need for complicated fitness equipment or a gym membership. A set of adjustable dumbbells and a bench is all you need to get in shape now. Ditch the gym and keep your money in your pocket.
  3. Easy On The Joints: The F4X method of lifting weights will help reduce the likelihood of injury or joint pain from lifting weights. This translates into quicker and longer lasting fitness and health improvements.
  4. Anti-aging Practices: All of the methods and practices throughout the Old School New Body course should add years to your life. The balanced diet, void of processed carbs, the added lifestyle books, and well thought out exercise methods will keep you feeling and looking younger.
  5. Suitable For Men And Women of All Ages: The F4X training method and workouts in this program are designed for all people regardless of age and fitness level. That said its always a good idea to speak with your physician before taking on any fitness program for the first time.
  6. Long Term Viability: The phases outlined in this program insure that you have adequate workouts to follow in order to take your fitness levels increasingly higher for a long time.

What Are The Cons Of The Program?

The program, while great is not without flaws. All programs have them in one form or another. It was however, hard for me to find significant issues with the program, but I came up with a few:

  1. The Diet Program Lacks the information someone might seek if they need to lose a significant amount of weight. For people who have a lot of fat to lose, I recommend coupling the F4X workout methods in this program with a Paleo Diet for some period of time to really maximize fat loss. Then turn to the more balanced guidelines in Old school New Body once their desired weight has been achieved.
  2. There are no video demonstrations. The exercise example images do the trick, but it would be nice to see even some basic videos even if it was part of an up-sell to the course. At this price point you will be hard pressed to find a video course though. This does not break the deal by any means, but I wanted to let you know that this is not a video course.

Where Can You Buy Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is available through the link below and cannot be purchased from stores. The entire course in sent to you in a zip file for immediate access. The program is also backed with a 100% money back guarantee and is sold through the ClickBank platform. So you can be one hundred percent certain your transaction is safe and refundable should you decide to buy.

What’s The Bottom Line, Should You Buy Old School New Body?

Like all programs you get out of what you put into it. Steve and Becky Holman, with the support of John Rowley have developed a fitness and lifestyle course that can stand the test of time. The price point versus the quality of information you get in this practical guide is unbeatable in the market as it stands today.

Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds to fit into new clothes, hoping to tone-up, or get leaner and stronger; Old School New Body has outlined everything you need to meet or exceed your fitness goals in one comprehensive, simple, cost effective guide. Thanks for reading through my Old School New Body review. Take the step now to get in the best shape of your life.

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