The Skinny On The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

What’s All the Noise About Paleo For Weight Loss?

The Paleo diet for weight loss is the ideal choice for anyone suffering from the perpetual trouble of losing and gaining weight. Oftentimes, diets fail simply because there is not enough of a lifestyle change to allow you to maintain your weight loss. After all, you can’t expect to eat healthy for a month and fall back into your old eating habits while still maintaining a slim figure.

Find out how to lose with Paleo and get started off on the right path to better overall health and fitness this healthy lifestyle brings.

Can I Lose Weight With the Paleo Diet?

People hear “I can eat whenever I am hungry,” and immediately think that weight loss with the Paleo diet is impossible. Paleo for weight loss takes an approach that is definitely not traditional. Rather, you will be going against the one thing that has been shoved down your throat with virtually every other diet on the planet: calorie counting.

You will only worry about calories last not first!

As you will see in our next section, there will be changes you need to make to optimize your Paleo diet plan for weight loss, but the calorie portion will come last.

People have been able to lose weight and build muscle with the Paleo diet while maintaining weight levels for years. If you follow a proper diet and make the lifestyle change to a Paleo way of eating, you will lose weight and more importantly, you will keep the weight off for good.

Are There Changes That I Must Know About?

Did you know that before farming, society didn’t have the immense overweight issue that it faces today? If you are from America, did you know that 66% of the country is overweight? This is a dire problem, and the main issue is that our bodies have not adapted from hunter/gathers to farmers. The cereals, pastas, grains, fried foods, horrible cooking oils and processed foods are weighing us down – literally.

The changes that you will need to make to follow a proper Paleo diet plan for weight loss includes the following:

[icon type=”check” size=”16″ float=”none” color=”default”]  Nutrient-Dense Foods: Craving pizza or a chocolate cake is often your body’s way of alerting you that there is a nutrient deficiency. If you have these cravings while on the Paleo diet, you simply need to change what you are eating. Opt for nutrient-rich foods, such as salmon or avocados at this time.

[icon type=”check” size=”16″ float=”none” color=”default”]  Will Power Issues: There are some foods on the Paleo diet that you simply overeat. If you find yourself always hungry, you will want to cut out the dried fruits, nuts and sweeteners. These are delicious, but they can cause people to grab something a little sweeter or overeat as a result. Cut these foods out if you are having issues with will power and cheat meals.

[icon type=”check” size=”16″ float=”none” color=”default”]  Carb Optimization: One of the main reasons that people choose the Paleo diet for weight loss is that carbs are adapted to your body. What works for one person may not work for you. You will want to vary your carbohydrate intake to an optimal level for your body. This may also need to be done as you continue to lose weight to see optimal results.

[icon type=”check” size=”16″ float=”none” color=”default”]  Fasting: Intermittent fasting can be introduced when you hit weight loss plateaus. This will lower insulin levels, cause your body to burn fat as fuel, and raise adrenalin levels and other fat-burning hormones in the body.

If you find that you are not losing any weight, you will want to reduce the high calorie foods and add in more fruits and vegetables. Being active, such as walking around the neighborhood or riding a bike, can also help break through these plateaus.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

An impossible question to answer. The weight loss you experience truly depends on your body type, current weight and your ultimate goals. There have been followers of the primal way of eating that have been able to lose more than 100 pounds. There are also others that didn’t follow the diet completely and didn’t see any results.

You can lose weight, even weekly losses, but you need to be realistic. This is not a magic pill that will help you lose 20 pounds of weight in a week. Instead, you will lose weight for the following reasons:

    1. Eating Paleo to lose weight requires immense protein intake.

    2. Paleo includes a lot of fiber, which is linked to weight loss.

    3. You’ll be eating a diet that doesn’t leave you eating more than you should.

With a reduction of processed foods and foods that lead to body inflammation, you will lose a lot of weight in the first few weeks followed by steady, sustained weight loss.

Where Can you Get A Paleo Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan?

The most difficult part will be finding a Paleo diet weight loss meal plan that works for you. Having all of the recipes in one place helps greatly. Delicious, mouthwatering meals can be found within The Paleo Grubs Recipe Book. In fact, there are over 470 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These healthy meals will help you lose weight and improve overall health by eliminating harmful foods from your diet.

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