Is The Truth About Six Pack Abs a Lie? An Outsider’s View

What is The Truth About Six Pack Abs?

Want to know the secret to getting rock hard, ripped abs? The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a step-by-step guide to achieving the abs of your dreams – or so the author claims.

But does the program really deliver on its promises?

In this The Truth About Abs review, we’ll put this program to the test to see if you’ll really be able to get that six pack you’ve always wanted.

What Is This Program About?

The Truth About 6 Pack Abs is a complete diet and exercise program designed to help you slim down, tone up and finally achieve that six pack you’ve always wanted.

And you achieve this by focusing on two things: diet and exercise. A no-brainer, right? But you’re probably not eating the right foods or doing the right exercises to get the results you want. The author shows you how.

So, Who Wrote The Program?

The program was created by Mike Geary, a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. Mike’s the author of quite a few diet and fitness publications, but he’s most known for this program – The Truth About Six Pack Abs. With more than half a million readers in over 100 countries, this is his best-selling publication.

Credentials aside, Mike’s a ripped guy. Is he a bodybuilder? No. He admits he’s a guy with average genetics. But he does have a six pack. Google his name and look at his photos. He clearly knows what he’s talking about.

But enough about Mike. Let’s talk about what this program actually reveals.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit – this publication isn’t written like other diet and exercise programs. It’s broken down into chapters that focus on important aspects of getting abs, like:

  • The truth about fat and carbs
  • Why grass-fed meats are better
  • Diet strategies to get a six pack
  • The right exercises
  • Example training programs

Mike touches on everything from the foods you should be eating to the exercises you should be performing.

He gives you a blueprint to success.

He even reveals some of his own secrets to a lean body, like reducing stress, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, eating organic and more.

Mike’s tone is positive, upbeat, and the program is easy to follow.

What Does the Program Include?

Inside Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs, you’ll find:

  • Tips on creating an effective training routine, like focusing on weight training instead of cardio, and the importance of intensity in your workouts.
  • Over 72 meal plans.
  • Which exercises to do – and which ones to avoid.
  • Step-by-step instructions for each exercise.
  • Example training programs to follow.

Plus, Mike includes a ton of information on how the body works and why you’re not able to get a six pack by following a typical workout routine.

And he closes out the program with a Q&A session. Mike gives you everything you need to start your journey to a six pack today.

One thing that Mike does spend a lot of time focusing on is diet. He reveals which foods help you actually burn more fat, and which foods you need to avoid at all costs (some of those foods are labeled as “health” foods).

The example meal plans are really helpful, especially for those of us who lead busy lives and don’t have the time to sit down and plan our meals. Having a plan laid out for you makes the program easy to follow, and easy to stay on track.

It’s important to note here, Mike isn’t promoting fad diets. In fact, he discourages them. He reveals what a healthy diet looks like. These are guidelines you could follow for the rest of your life to stay healthy and maintain those abs.

There’s also one thing that I’d like to mention about the example workouts: they’re intense. Be prepared to work hard to get those abs. This is not a program that promises overnight success.


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Does the Truth About Abs Really Work?

Yes! But I have to be blunt here: You have to be willing to work for it. You have to follow the program’s exercise guidelines, and you have to eat right.

This is not only true for Gary’s program, but for any program you choose to follow. If you aren’t willing to apply the lessons learned in this program, the resounding answer is:

No, the program will not work for you. No program will, so you need to get it in your mind that if you want to get a six pack set of abs, then this guide will teach you exactly.

I’m sorry to repeat this, but it seems most folks need to hear it more than once: If you’re dedicated and willing to work hard, you can reach your goals with this program. Only those who are serious about getting fit and lean will succeed.

Got it?

Great, now let’s take a quick look at the Pros and Cons of the program itself.

[alert heading=”Pros” type=”alert-success” block=”false” close=”false”][/alert]

  • Easy to follow.
  • Real-world advice that you can put to use today.
  • Complete exercise guide with step-by-step instructions.
  • Over 72 meal plans to follow.
  • Example training routines.
  • Downloadable PDF

[alert heading=”Cons” type=”alert-failure” block=”false” close=”false”][/alert]

  • Chapters aren’t in any particular order. At times, I felt the information was all over the place.
  • There is a ton of information here. The entire publication is over 150 pages.
  • You won’t see results overnight, and you’ll have to work hard to get a six pack.

Even though some of the information was all over the place, the chapters were easy to follow and packed with useful information to help you reach your goal.

You definitely won’t see results overnight, but it’s unrealistic to think that you could. There are no magic pills to give you abs or to melt away fat. You’ll have to work hard for it. And the results will be more satisfying.

[alert heading=”Benefits” type=”alert-info” block=”false” close=”false”][/alert]

There are so many benefits to the Truth About Abs program.

  • You’ll gain instant access to the program.
  • You’ll get a step-by-step guide to getting a six pack.
  • You’ll learn how to eat right and which exercises work best.
  • There are training routines for every fitness level.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

The Truth About Abs program can be purchased for a one-time fee of just $39.95, but you actually get to check it out for $1, and when you purchase from the program’s official site, you’ll receive three free bonuses valued at over $150.

These three bonuses include:

[icon type=”plus” size=”16″ float=”none” color=”green”]  The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss DVD.

[icon type=”plus” size=”16″ float=”none” color=”green”]  Free support.

[icon type=”plus” size=”16″ float=”none” color=”green”]  4 motivational fast-fitness audio programs.


The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and you can try it for 21 Days for just $4.95 and pay the balance later if you decide the program is for you.

In The End, You Gain Nothing But To Profit From This Program IF You Are Ready

If you are looking for  comprehensive no-fluff program that helps you sort out fact from fiction, Mike Geary’s The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a great reference to add to your arsenal of fitness information tools. He does not steer you in the wrong direction and does everything to get you on the right path and stay there.


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